Maintaining Your Refrigerator

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Selecting the right refrigerator is very crucial. But more important is to maintain it. Without proper maintenance and care, your fridge may not work properly. It is very essential to keep the fridge clean. Weekly cleaning of the best refrigerators is recommended. You may suffer from severe problems, if you pay no heed to this issue. So, it is better to look at this matter seriously. You need to follow some tips to maintain your fridge. These strategies can really prove to be beneficial for you.

1. You need to wipe the surface of the refrigerator by using a kitchen cleaner, soap and water, soft scrubbing pad or a sponge. You can easily remove the stains on the exterior areas of the fridge by wiping down with these things. It is better to wipe regularly. You can also wipe it once in a week. First, take out the magnets and papers that are piled on the fridge. You can remove fingerprints, all sticky marks from the fridge exterior.

2. Remove the food products that you will not eat again. Keep the products in a garbage bag. Then, you need to look at the dates of expiry written on the food packets. Throw away the items which have crossed the expiry dates. You need to remove all the food items in one place. Then just pour the products which you will not eat into the garbage bag.

3. After completing this task, you need to clean interior portion of the fridge. This is in fact one of the most important tasks that you need to do to maintain your fridge. Take out each glass shelves from the fridge and clean them with care. You can use soap or spray and water to wipe away the stains and marks from the shelves. Make sure walls and the inside corners of the refrigerator are also wiped down. You also need to clean each storage compartment of the fridge. Then, wipe down the containers and bottles with soapy water. Keep these items in the fridge after they are dried.

4. Due to some food substances, bad odor can come out from your fridge. You need to check it out. To avoid such a situation, you need to use baking soda. Use it at the back of the top shelf. It will prevent bad odors. Apart from that, you also need to do some other tasks to maintain your refrigerator. Place the food items in the refrigerator in either sealed bag, a plastic or plastic container.

5. You need to clear the leftovers and unused items. Throw them in the garbage bag. Remember to clean the areas properly. You can keep them in one side and then pour them in a garbage packet. It will be easy for you to throw them away.

6. After completing the cleaning project, you need to keep the items in proper place. Set up the shelves in proper place so that you can keep the products comfortably. It is better to keep the vegetables in one shelf and the fruits in another. You can find the items easily, if you organize them properly.

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Maintaining Your Refrigerator

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This article was published on 2010/03/30